Pressure Treated Decks

It’s that time of year again; time to think about putting in a new deck or re-decking an older deck. It’s a tough choice, but there are many reasons to still build a pressure-treated wood deck. A lot of people think that the pressure-treated wood deck doesn’t last as long as the newer composite or PVC decking, but it can.

Oftentimes we are called out to re-deck an older wood deck. When this happens the homeowner is typically looking to switch to a composite or PVC decking product so it can last longer and require less maintenance.

For these people, a composite or PVC decking product might be a good choice because they didn’t take proper care of the pressure-treated wood deck that they had. Simply put, if the frame lasts longer than the deck boards, therefore, making it worthwhile to re-deck and re-use the existing frame, it is often because the deck wasn’t properly cared for. When a pressure-treated deck is properly cared for, both the deck boards and the frame should last about the same amount of time.

There is no such thing as a maintenance-free deck board. Contaminants in the air will eventually affect all types of deck boards. That’s why it is wise to clean composite or PVC decking once a year or anytime you have a spill of some sort. Pressure-treated deck boards require cleaning and sealing with a product made specifically for that purpose. With proper care, a pressure-treated deck can last a couple of decades or longer.

A few suggestions for annual maintenance (as needed):

– Each spring, inspect boards for excessive wear, splitting, or nail pops/loose fasteners.
– Wash the deck with a simple cleaning solution to clean away those contaminants that accelerate aging.
– Need to reseal? To find out, simply pour a cup of water on the deck boards. If it soaks in immediately, it’s time to reapply the water repellant.
– Got a few scratches or stains? Sand if necessary, clean, and reapply a little stain or sealer.
– Test railing by pushing to ensure they’re tight and sturdy.

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