Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I hear talk about non-wood decking materials that don’t rot, crack, or need routine maintenance. What is this type of decking?

A: There are new materials available that have the qualities of wood but not the problems or maintenance. One option is a “composite” material which consists of part wood and part plastic. Another is a PVC material that has no wood in it. There are many different brands
of alternative decking materials, each of which has its own features and benefits. We would be happy to make a recommendation based upon our experience with different brands.

Q: Why would I choose a composite or PVC product over wood?

A: These products have very little maintenance to them. You never have to paint, stain, sand, or seal these products. The only maintenance is basic cleaning. They are manufacturer warranted against cracking, warping, splitting, insect infestation, and other problems associated with wood. These products come in many colors and textures.

Q: Are composite and PVC products more expensive than wood?

A: Yes, initially they are more expensive, however when you include the time spent, and cost of maintenance over the life of your deck, it is not as significant as you may think. In addition, choosing NOT to maintain your pressure treated deck results in a deck that is cracked, split, and weathered in just a few years.

Q: I’ve heard these alternative products can look “plastic”. Is this true?

A: A few quality manufacturers have gone to great lengths in their Research and Development to produce a deck board that is aesthetically pleasing, and has many characteristics of wood’s beauty. After working with several brands, we can recommend one that fits the finished look you desire. Please visit to learn about the brand we consider to be the best in many categories.

Q: We are tired of painting and staining our railings. Are there railings and other accessories that are also low maintenance?

A: Yes, all the components, except the sub-structure that supports the deck, come in composite and PVC materials and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Q: Is it possible to replace the old deck boards without taking the entire deck down?

A: Yes, quite often the sub-structure that supports the deck is structurally sound. ACD will assess the condition of the structure as part of the initial quote.

Q: What happens if I change my mind about the design of the deck or screen porch, or want it larger once construction has begun?

A: The sooner you change your mind the easier it is the make changes to the design once construction has begun.

Q: Does ACD have access to financing to help make our project more affordable?

A: Yes, as one of the larger financially sound Deck and Screen Porch companies in the state, Affordable Custom Decks is able to offer financing.

Q: Can my existing deck be turned into a screened porch?

A: Yes, depending on elevation of your deck from the ground and the footing requirements for the city/county you live in.

Q: How do you keep the insects from entering the porch from beneath?

A: We install a layer of insect screen underneath the deck boards to create an insect barrier.

Q: What style roof line would look best on my new porch?

A: There are essentially four different choices to choose from, starting with the gable style, shed style, hip style and flat roof style. The roof style is generally determined by the manner in which we need to attach to the house where the porch will be built. Generally, the design consultant will determine this with you while creating a design that meets all of your needs.

Q: Can my screen porch be converted to a room addition later on?

A: Yes with some slight modifications.

For comments or general questions please use our online contact form. For project inquiries please use our online no-obligation form. We also invite you to come by and visit our office located at 2505 Horse Pasture Road in Virginia Beach (23453) between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday, or call us at (757) 427-5252.

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