Pool House Additions

Pool houses or pool house additions are becoming more popular.  This could be because less people are traveling, so they are investing more in their backyards to entertain and create memories.  Years ago, most backyards had a swing set, a dog house, and a few had a pool.  Pool houses or pool house additions have become very popular in the last twelve or so years.  There are a couple of ways to add a pool house.  One is by just adding onto your existing house, and the other more popular version is a stand alone pool house.  Everybody seems to have a different idea of what a pool house or pool house addition should be used for so let’s talk about that.  For simplicity, let’s just refer to it as a pool house addition.

To some people a pool house is a glorified shed.  These people tend to think the purpose of a pool house addition is for a place to have their pump equipment safe from the elements as well as a place to store their pool accessories.  They still want windows and a door to the pool house and sometimes they even want to have a covered porch area on the front of the pool house addition for escaping the hot sun.  Beyond this they just want their pool house addition to look nice.

The other idea of what a pool house addition should be used for is greatly different.  These folks want to have a kitchen area, an indoor climate controlled area for relaxing and socializing, as well as a bathroom.  Some people even want a shower in the pool house addition.  The more popular thing to do is to have an outdoor shower on the pool house addition to reduce the amount of wet foot traffic in the pool house addition.

Pool house additions can vary wildly in what they cost to build.  In our next article we will talk about some of the elements to think about when building a pool house addition and what it does to the cost of the pool house.  Everybody has a different idea of a pool house additions purpose as well as what it can costs.  Stay tuned for our next article on custom pools houses and pool house additions.

  John Schwaebler, MSM is a Retired US Navy Veteran and the writer of this Blog.  His business partner, Steve Basciano is a US Navy Veteran as well.  Send in your questions and comments and we will do our best to answer them.

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