Pool house with an Outdoor Kitchen

A pool house with an outdoor kitchen is becoming a very popular combination these days.  Having a pool house with an outdoor kitchen allows people to keep the party outside as well as everything that would go with it.  This pool house addition has an outdoor kitchen on the outside of the pool house rather than using up space on the inside of the pool house, similar to an outdoor kitchen you might see as a standalone outdoor kitchen, just built as part of the pool house addition.

Inside of the pool house is a bathroom as well as a storage area for storing all of the pool and yard accessories.   Having a bathroom in the pool house is important to a lot of people since it keeps the traffic down inside of the main dwelling.  Plumbing for a pool house with a bathroom is a big part of cost a pool house.  Since the waste water can’t drain via gravity, you have to have a pump station.  Since the main house is on a slab in this case, you can’t tie in under the house but must tie into the main drain for the house.  When you have to do this, the drain typically ties in further away from the pool house, which drives up the amount of work as well as the cost.  Most people find it to be worth it when they think about the benefits of having a bathroom in a pool house.  This particular pool house has an outdoor shower with hot water.  We managed to put a hot water heater in the attic of the pool house.

As we finish this pool house up in the next week or so, I will write a brief article about he completed pool house and the outdoor kitchen complete with photos.  With the new pool and the pool house with an outdoor kitchen this is the perfect backyard oasis.  Stay tuned for the completion of this pool house!

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